Verizon reports 615,000 net postpaid additions in Q2

Verizon reports 615,000 net postpaid additions in Q2
The nation's largest carrier, Verizon Wireless, announced second quarter results on Tuesday. For the three months ended in June, Big Red reported a net addition of 615,000 postpaid subscribers. Overall, Verizon had a total of 113.2 million retail connections at the end of the quarter. That was good enough for a 3.3% year-over-year increase.

Postpaid churn remained low at .94%. That was a 4 basis point increase over last year's .90% reading. Improved churn in phone accounts was more than offset by an increase in tablet churn. Wireless operating income came to $8 billion with operating income margin of 36.9%. 93% of Verizon's data traffic is routed over its LTE network. Such traffic increased 44% year-over-year.

356,000 of its net additions were for tablet totin' customers. Net phone additions came to just 86,000 during the three months. Verizon has been pushing tablets for its customers since the larger screen allows them to better view Verizon's new online content like go90. 11% of Verizon customers currently own tablets that connect to the carrier's pipeline. As more Verizon customers view the carrier's online content, the higher the advertising rates Big Red can charge companies to promote their wares.

Verizon announced on Monday that it is buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion. The purchase bolsters Verizon's online properties and is expected to help the wireless operator improve its mobile advertising business. Verizon is becoming known for collecting companies that were once big players in the internet. Last year it acquired AOL for $4.4 billion.

source: Verizon via WSJ, CNBC



3. eN16HTMAR3

Posts: 253; Member since: Oct 08, 2013

Net Adds on tablets shouldn't count hence it's not a mobile phone and more of a entertainment device as well as costing 75% less than a typical smp line.

4. bambamboogy02

Posts: 838; Member since: Jun 23, 2012

It is a device connected to the network. They counted the basic phones when the plan to add them was only $9.99 per line. I believe it should count.

5. jeroome86

Posts: 2314; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

Verizon screw me over and I will never use them again. Verizon can go bleep them selves. I'm moving my emails away from Yahoo because Verizon bought them. Now for you PA. If your going to delete my comments then take a good look at the hate comments in any Samsung article. No reason for 20 comments the length of a essay hating on something unrelated to the article. Can you hear that?

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