Verizon officially launches Unlimited Talk plans

As we told you yesterday, Verizon has now officially launched its new Unlimited Talk Nationwide calling plans, which include unlimited minutes to any domestic number, as well as no roaming fees while in the U.S.

The Pricing breaks down as follows:

$99 for a Single Line Basic Plan, $119 for the Select Plan, and $139 for the Premium Plan. With the Basic Plan, data usage is at $2 per MB and you have to pay extra for each message sent and received, or you may add the $10 500-message pack, as well as the $15 VCast V-Pack. Some uses may prefer adding only the features they want a-la-carte. The Select Plan still charges you a data rate of $2 per MB, but includes unlimited messaging to anyone in the U.S. While the Premium Plan has unlimited data included, as well as messaging, VCast V-Pack, VZNavigator, and Mobile E-Mail. It is obvious that the Premium Plan is going to be the one that is pushed the most, since it includes all of the popular features.

Verizon is also offering Unlimited Talk Family Share plans. The Basic plan is $199 for two lines, which is the same cost has having two "single lines" as described above. However, the Select Plan is $229 and the Premium Plan is $269, which is a savings of $10 per month over doing two "single lines". Each additional family share line (over two) is $99.

Customers with a MobileTV capable phone (VX9400, U620, Z6tv, Voyager) will still have the option to add-on the $15 Basic TV Package or the $13 Limited TV Package. We would like to see Verizon include MobileTV with the Premium Plans, but they are still going to charge extra for their TV service, regardless of which voice plan you have.

If the Unlimited plans sound too expensive, Verizon will continue to offer their 450/900/1350 minute plans for Single lines, and Family Share still has available the 700/1400/2100/3000/4000/6000 minute plans. But since the 4000 minute Family Share plan cost the same as the Unlimited, and the 6000 minute plan is more, we are unsure as to why those two are still an option.

Businesses have other Unlimited plans that are designed specifically for them. The Nationwide Email Calling Plans cost $129 for unlimited voice and E-Mail, or $149 with unlimited voice, E-Mail, and messaging. For the international traveler, there are the Nationwide Global Email Calling Plans, which are $149 for unlimited voice while in the U.S. plus global Email while overseas, or $169 with unlimited messaging, but will still charge you "International Roaming" fees.

source: Verizon Wireless

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