Verizon officially launches Unlimited Talk plans

Verizon officially launches Unlimited Talk plans
As we told you yesterday, Verizon has now officially launched its new Unlimited Talk Nationwide calling plans, which include unlimited minutes to any domestic number, as well as no roaming fees while in the U.S.

The Pricing breaks down as follows:

$99 for a Single Line Basic Plan, $119 for the Select Plan, and $139 for the Premium Plan. With the Basic Plan, data usage is at $2 per MB and you have to pay extra for each message sent and received, or you may add the $10 500-message pack, as well as the $15 VCast V-Pack. Some uses may prefer adding only the features they want a-la-carte. The Select Plan still charges you a data rate of $2 per MB, but includes unlimited messaging to anyone in the U.S. While the Premium Plan has unlimited data included, as well as messaging, VCast V-Pack, VZNavigator, and Mobile E-Mail. It is obvious that the Premium Plan is going to be the one that is pushed the most, since it includes all of the popular features.

Verizon is also offering Unlimited Talk Family Share plans. The Basic plan is $199 for two lines, which is the same cost has having two "single lines" as described above. However, the Select Plan is $229 and the Premium Plan is $269, which is a savings of $10 per month over doing two "single lines". Each additional family share line (over two) is $99.

Customers with a MobileTV capable phone (VX9400, U620, Z6tv, Voyager) will still have the option to add-on the $15 Basic TV Package or the $13 Limited TV Package. We would like to see Verizon include MobileTV with the Premium Plans, but they are still going to charge extra for their TV service, regardless of which voice plan you have.

If the Unlimited plans sound too expensive, Verizon will continue to offer their 450/900/1350 minute plans for Single lines, and Family Share still has available the 700/1400/2100/3000/4000/6000 minute plans. But since the 4000 minute Family Share plan cost the same as the Unlimited, and the 6000 minute plan is more, we are unsure as to why those two are still an option.

Businesses have other Unlimited plans that are designed specifically for them. The Nationwide Email Calling Plans cost $129 for unlimited voice and E-Mail, or $149 with unlimited voice, E-Mail, and messaging. For the international traveler, there are the Nationwide Global Email Calling Plans, which are $149 for unlimited voice while in the U.S. plus global Email while overseas, or $169 with unlimited messaging, but will still charge you "International Roaming" fees.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. Vz employee unregistered

Verizon employees this is a game chaning history making day for us. This will make us #1 in no time.. Unlimited calling on a FREAKIN AWESOME NATIONWIDE NETWORK not a garbage network like att or sprint. Who wouldn't pay an ETF to jump on something like this. Any bets on how long it will be before sprint goes bankrupt....(Evil laugh)

2. steviecrackberry unregistered

I still wouldn't go w/ VZW b/c your phone still suck? does your phones still have the 2003 LG interface? Motorola, Samsung, LG all have the same interface??? same functions? actually most times, there taken out from the original?

3. unregistered

And there you have it folks...Unlimited plans. A great gesture but you still have to pay an ARM & LEG for the service. I would also be remised not to mention the phones. They could be better. Better luck next time.

4. Bob unregistered

poster #3, it's not like you're dealing with an unlimited plan from some rinky-dink regional carrier for 50.00, and roaming coverage the size of a thumb tack. That plan is awsome! All my friends get service w/ vzw and don't. I'm switching!

5. ThereMustBeSomethingBetter unregistered

So Verizon is now the latest provider to offer Unlimited Everything plans. Honestly, it is a great idea eventhough, a bit expensive at this point. However, what Verizon doesn't seem to understand is that excellent plans/service do no make up for that fact that the majority of their handsets are sub par! Verizon users (myself included) are tired of you crippling potentially good phones with your lousy outdated interface. How about upgrading that too!

6. unregistered

Verizon is working on upgrading the UI for their phones. The are already now part of the open handset alliance which allows any mobile device that is capable of the network to be used. Now, if you are following new devices they are opened up a lot more then they were.

7. A.K. unregistered

You will see the prices of Sprint and At&t's unlimited plans drop dramatically in the coming weeks. Sprint will offer the exact plan within 6 weeks, but if you don't want to go unlimited 6PM nights still blows V-Dub out of the water!

8. unregistered

Aside from the gay comments, this plan is a great marketing ploy. Just that, a ploy. As I stated earlier, you still have to pay an ARM & LEG for the service. And the phones could be mutch better. And now, ATT is doing the same thing. Is this a case of money see monkey do?

9. unregistered

and now tmobile

10. unregistered

a lot of ya dont wanna admit it, but evryone knows VZW is the best by far

11. ThereMustBeSomethingBetter unregistered

I don't think that anyone here is debating the fact that Verizon provides excellent call quality, reception and customer service. However, the common theme is that their handsets are simply not at the same level as their service.

12. unregistered

I think I'll debate their customer service. I don't recall them winning any awards. But I will agree, the general consensus is that their handsets are not up to par.

13. VZW employee unregistered

To the writer of this article: The reason why Verizon still offers the original plans before the "TRULY NATIONWIDE CALLING PLANS" were introduce is because not all families need the unlimited calling plan. For example under the new "unlimited family calling plans" for each number under the plan you have to pay $99 per line. So, for instance if you have 4 people on a unlimited family calling plan it will be roughly about $400. But, there are some families out there who don't talk enough for them to make the plan change to the new unlimited calling plan. So, on the original family calling plan you just pay the normal $9.99 to share whatever minute plan they are on which will mostly be cheaper then paying $400 for a unlimited family calling plan. Example family on a 2100 minute family calling plan with four lines is $130 and a family on the unlimited calling plan with four lines is $400. So, Verizon still wants to be able to offer plans to those customers out there who don't really talk that much but still wants the "AMERICA'S MOST RELIABLE WIRELESS NETWORK" behind them! So, in point I guess Verizon still wants to be able to offer those cell phone customers out there all the options and not exclude anyone.

14. jole55 unregistered

To VWZ, Obvioulsy you have no idea what your talking about when it comes to open access. GSM phones will NOT work on cdma networks. It's like apples vs oranges. Learn your sh*t bro.

15. VZW employee unregistered

#16 is correct from what I heard about the "open access" so far. Verizon will only be able to use other phones that are from other cdma carriers such as sprint, altell and cellular south from what I know of and maybe Helio. Probably once the "open access" technology get's perfected Verizon will be able to use GSM phones later on.

16. jole55 unregistered

The ONLY way a gsm phone will work on verizon is if you change out the gsm chipset for a cdma chipset. Good luck with that. Maybe when verizon converts everything to LTE which is a form of gsm technology gsm phones will start to work on there network.

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