Verizon CFO: Pleased with holiday sales even beyond the DROID

Verizon CFO: Pleased with holiday sales even beyond the DROID
Verizon Communications CFO John Killian says that beyond the continued success and popularity of the Motorola DROID, he is very pleased with the sales of Verizon's current lineup. During an investor's conference webcast, Killian repeated the carrier's goal of adding 1 million bill-paying customers per quarter for the largest U.S. carrier. Helping drive revenue is the fact that many customers buying Big Red's first two Android devices-the DROID and HTC's DROID ERIS-are upgrading from having no internet service to adding a data plan so that they can surf the internet and take advantage of the powerful services on the new phones. "The good news there is a lot of the upgrades have come from customers who didn't have a data plan," said Killian, who said that the key driver for Verizon in the future will be wireless data. The wireless operator has put aside big bucks for its largest marketing campaign ever on the DROID. Other notable devices offered by Verizon over the holiday season is the much improved BlackBerry Storm2, the LG Chocolate Touch and the Samsung Omnia II.

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