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VMWare View brings remote desktop control to Honeycomb tablets

VMWare View brings remote desktop control to Honeycomb tablets
VMWare is a big name in virtualization software, and the company is bringing its talents to Android Honeycomb tablets. VMWare View has been available on Android phones to allow users to access and control Windows virtual machines remotely, but now the app has been updated to include support for Honeycomb tablets. 

VMWare View is a tech preview, but packs quite a few compelling features,. The app uses PCoIP protocols to scale your desktop appearance based on your Internet connection speed to ensure the virtual desktop is always responsive. VMWare includes a modified keyboard with added function keys for Ctrl, Alt, Del, Esc, Windows, Tab and Caps-lock, and also a virtual trackpad if you need to emulate mouse movements. But, on top of all that, there are various touch gestures and haptic feedback to make navigation easier. And, maybe best of all, the app can run in the background in case you need to jump back and forth between your virtual desktop and Android. 

VMWare View for Android is free in the Android Market, and requires VMWare View 4.6 on your desktop in order to connect. This could be a pretty useful app for general power users, but it looks to be a big boost for enterprise users where virtualization is much more common. 


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