Top 8 best-looking themes for Sony Xperia Z smartphones and tablets

Top 8 best-looking themes for Sony Xperia Z smartphones and tablets
As most Sony Xperia smartphone owners probably know by now, Sony handsets running Android 4.3 KitKat or higher can all be personalized through Sony Xperia themes. In essence, every visual asset used by Sony on its default Android skin can be modified. New lockscreens, new wallpapers, new fonts, new menu colors, if developers can name it, they can customize it by creating a theme.

At the moment, there a bunch of these themes available in the Google Play Store, some made by Sony itself, and some made by third-party developers. As it turns out, a lot of these themes are a bit hard on the eyes, with bright colors getting in the way. Fortunately, some of these Sony Xperia themes are actually quite pleasant and actually improve the overall appearance of the phone.

We did some digging around and selected the top 5 Sony Xperia themes we could find. Now, before presenting our picks, it's worth mentioning that overall aesthetics are subject to personal preference. For this piece, we've selected the themes that are likely to appeal to a wide range of users. There are a ton more that you can choose from by heading over to the Google Play Store and searching for "Sony Xperia theme". With this in mind, let's check out the goods:

Sony SWPA Theme

The first Xperia theme you should check out is an official Sony theme designed to showcase photos from the Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA). As the name implies, the theme uses photos that made the cut for the SWPA. 

This is one of the most elegant themes available for Sony Xperia phones, and although it doesn't go as far in terms of customizations as the other themes we're about to showcase, it's still worth a look.

Mad Max: Fury Road Xperia Theme

Over time, Sony has launched a wide range of themes that promote its own movies, but the Mad Max: Fury Road one is probably the best-looking of them all. 

In pure Mad Max style, the theme comes with a copperish hue, complete with eroded metal buttons and visual art inspired by the fourth movie in the Mad Max series. Unfortunately, the theme is not available in all countries.

Moon River

This is the first third-party theme for Sony Xperia devices that we've included in this piece. We've been impressed with this elegant darkish theme, which, as the name implies, is centered around the theme of a full moon that lights up a river. 

The graphics are all top notch, and the overall impression is quite smooth. On the downside, you'll have to churn out $1.46 to get the theme, which is on the expensive side as far as themes are concerned.

Noir Theme

For those into the dark theme and vivid colors of film noir cinematography (think Sunset Blvd or the more modern Sin City), the XPERIA™ Noir Theme will fit the bill perfectly. 

The three main elements, a bright moon, a dark scenery, and the most intense red nuances you can imagine, of the film noir genre are all beautiful represented.


We've already covered a bunch of dark themes already, so let's move on to something a bit more colorful. The Woods for Xperia theme makes heavy use of elements you'd normally find in a forest, such as wood and leafs. 

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The nuances of the woods are represented in their autumn flavor, which makes for a copper hue all around. The photos are all high-quality, and there are multiple variations on the theme.

Turquoise Sea

Now that we took a walk through the woods, what would you say to a trip to the sea? Compared to the opaque skins previously discussed, the Turquoise Sea theme comes with more transparent menus and a generally lighter tone. 

As the name clearly implies, turquoise is the main nuance of this theme. Some will find the theme a bit too colorful, but if you're looking to spice up your Xperia smartphone or tablet with some vivid colors, then this is the theme for you!

Hello Kitty

No theme roundup would be complete without a Hello Kitty product. If you have a passion for the cute fictional Japanese character, then this theme is a must have. 

The design is actually cute and we love the fact that the theme is not too bright or too heavy on visual elements to get in the way of proper user interaction or legibility.

Nature's Beauty Theme

We'll complete our selection of Sony Xperia themes on a brighter note. The Nature's Beauty Sony Xperia Theme makes use of lighter colors in the menus (white and light blue), while the visual art consists out of high-quality pictures of the sky. 

One neat trick that the third-party developer used in the theme was to show a picture of the sky at dusk on the lockscreen. Unlock the device and the sky transitions to mid-day. Cool, right?

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