Tizen version packs a dozen new features; here's a full round-up

On occasion, Tizen has been derided by some experts as a non-starter; an operating system with little hope of consumer success in the mobile space thanks to the established nature of both iOS and Android. Maker Samsung has, in typically headstrong fashion, proceeded with Tizen's development and where numerous other peripheral platforms have fallen by the wayside, Tizen still has its head above water. With the long-awaited launch of the first 4G-ready Tizen smartphone now upon us in the form of the Samsung Z2, the South Korean firm has taken the opportunity to showcase some of the major features of the new-and-improved Tizen

It would be a slight disservice to compare Tizen directly with the likes of Mozilla's canned Firefox OS. After all, Tizen's end game seeks to create an element of consistency across variety of smart products from refrigerators and AC units to in-car infotainment. Still, there's no question that Sammy wants a piece of the Android and iOS pie, and the latest firmware bump only confirms this notion.

Detailed as part of the Tizen development team's 'You Asked, We Listened' dialogue with devs and users, there are more than a dozen tweaks for users to sink their teeth into. Many are elementary features that iOS and Android have offered for an age. Nevertheless, each helps to boost Tizen's credentials as a legitimate alternative to the Big Two as far as smartphone and tablet users are concerned. 

In all, there are thirteen significant enhancements to dive into, so let's get to it. 

source: Tizen Community (1), (2)
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