This iPhone app will either put a literal smile on your face, or completely terrify you

There's very little technology can't fix these days, so if you aren't born with the kind of Hollywood smile to temporarily blind all people and small animals in your vicinity, don't give up hope. FaceApp, a trendy new app, can put a glowing smile on the gloomiest of subjects. The intervention is accomplished with deep learning algorithms that come up with a smile which looks quite believably yours.

That's not nearly all the app does, though the rest of the functionality borders on the terrifying. For example, it's able to age you like even a rigorous daily regimen of nicotine and regret won't. Or change your gender to the point where you see the result and start asking yourself some very uncomfortable questions. So we suggest sticking to the smiles and exploring the rest of the app while feeling particularly confident, or more than a little tipsy. FaceApp is a free download.

Download FaceApp for Android or iOS



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