This basic phone costs only $12, made in China

This basic phone costs only $12, made in China
Quick, what's the most affordable phone you can think of? Loyal readers might remember the Nokia 105, which is already on sale in several countries for a price of about $15. This dirt-cheap cell phone, however, goes even lower – down to $12 apiece, to be more specific, with a charger, protective sleeve, and a data cable included in the set. And no, there's no carrier subsidy involved, in case you're wondering, as the device is being offered unlocked.

In terms of features beyond calling and texting, you don't really get a whole lot, which isn't much of a surprise given the handset's cost. Still, there's Bluetooth connectivity on board, slot for microSD cards, and MP3 playback, although a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack isn't present. The low-res OLED screen can display two colors – yellow and cyan. 

Purchasing this cheap phone, however, might not be easy unless you live somewhere near China. But even if you could, would you really get one, be it for using it as a back-up phone or as a guinea pig to perform hardware hacking experiments on? Let us know down in the comments!



1. naveenstuns

Posts: 184; Member since: Feb 19, 2012

Looks ugly!!!

7. Piotrek007

Posts: 119; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

Nokia 105 is pure beauty compared to this one 0.0

2. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Nuh-uh, no thank you! I rather choose the Nokia 105 instead! xD

17. BiN4RY

Posts: 83; Member since: Jun 22, 2012

Does your Nokia 105 costs anywhere near $12?

3. Ohrules

Posts: 327; Member since: Jun 11, 2012

i know of a phone available in Pakistan that is mere 9 dollars, has a microsd card slot, 3 sim card slots (yep you read that right), VGA camera, torch, colour screen and monstrous speakers

11. xplayer57

Posts: 34; Member since: Dec 24, 2012

can u name it?

15. PointMaza

Posts: 60; Member since: Dec 14, 2012

it's XPTEL 1130

4. kamen

Posts: 103; Member since: Jul 18, 2011

Guys, don't forget that for large part of the world this may be the income for a month. So it is nice that it is available at that price. Of course, I doubt the mobile services would cost low enough, but...

6. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

And I guess that the mobile carriers like AT&T or Verizon will make this available in the US with $0.99 on contract! :P

5. Reverence

Posts: 224; Member since: Jul 16, 2012

hahaahaha....this is damn ugly and for $12 you can get those OLD black and white nokia phones

8. LodeStar

Posts: 28; Member since: Feb 26, 2012

looks like the battery will explode in one charging

9. ash29

Posts: 58; Member since: Oct 28, 2011

Is this made by samsung?Has samsung shifted from cheap plastic to cheap transparent plastic?

12. JEverettnow

Posts: 228; Member since: Mar 11, 2013

polycarbonate is a little more high end than this. Aluminum and metal phones aren't too common because they interfere with WIFI and NFC.

14. Abbath

Posts: 99; Member since: Sep 16, 2012

Actually this maybe the cheap iPhone that's rumored to come out this year.

10. shreehari

Posts: 45; Member since: Mar 10, 2013

nokias always stand out in the crowd

13. bayusuputra

Posts: 963; Member since: Feb 12, 2012

So what's the Quadrant score for this phone? /joke I agree, i rather get monochrome 3310 than this. That nokia probably would last longer than this phone.

16. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

This phone wins the ugly awards.

18. gieters

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 30, 2013

In fact, China's mobile phone has no innovation, just like this​hone-with-47-inch-wvga-screen-dual-sim-dual-core-1​ghz-8mp-camera-gps-black-p-1403.html the appearance just copy from samsung, but the fact that does not dispute: cheap

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