These smart earphones let you call up Siri or Google Assistant by tapping your cheek

The Bragi Dash is a pair of do-everything wireless earphones that boast features such as a music player, a fitness tracker with a heart-rate monitor and step counter, and general-purpose hands-free functionality with touch and swipe controls.

Being smart earphones, these too have firmware running on a tiny chip inside their shells, and with the latest update to it, they will be able to do something pretty cool. The MyTap feature will let users tap their cheeks to activate Siri or Google Now, like spy agents getting in touch with intelligence HQ via the hidden line.

Currently in beta, MyTap will introduce the special Kinectic User Interface which will enable touch-less control over the earphones. Initially, it will let users call Siri and Google Now by tapping the sides of their faces, but further updates will add the options to answer phone calls with a nod, decline them with a shake of the head, and change a song with a tap on the face. It sounds convenient enough, let's hope it will work out in reality as well.

Additionally, the same update will bring over a new audio transparency function which will let wearers listen to music and hear their surroundings simultaneously. Heart rate measurement improvements and upgrades to the Bluetooth capabilities are on the line as well. The update will be released on November 21.

The Bragi Dash work with Android and iOS devices and cost $280. You can learn more about the earphones from the official website.


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