The Department of Defense seeks help from the private sector for mobile development

The Department of Defense seeks help from the private sector for mobile development
The keynote speaker for the second day of MobileCON was Major General Robert Wheeler. During his speech he spoke about the roles of industry and the enterprise as they pertain to innovation. Not so long ago, many technological developments were borne by the necessity of countering the Cold War threat, developed in the private sector, but pushed by the government.

That paradigm began to change in the 1990s and now the private sector leads the way in innovation. The Department of Defense (among other federal agencies) is interested in keeping pace with the rate of development and is seeking input from the private sector. In exchange, DoD hopes to offer better access and clear communication as these initiatives are pursued.

It is no surprise that the cyberthreat and technology advancement far outpace the government’s current ability to acquire and implement new solutions. In particular, DoD wants its mobile strategy to advance ahead of the curve and ensure that the bureaucracy does not force a vulnerability problem for the agency.

While secrecy and security are still primary concerns, General Wheeler says the DoD is more willing to engage with private companies to harness the innovation flowing from the private sector.

source: TechCrunch



1. techytechtech

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more like we need to cover our butt cause CHINA is making everything. YE HAW fkin rednecks should start fixing the country instead of invading others. morons. no wonder they sh*t themselves over chinese telecom manufactureres. but hey As* clown did you know apple is assembled in CHINA....ever heard of that ? maybe if the major's ego wasnt so big where he had his head up deep in his own feces platter he could think for once. reminds me of george W bush. stupid americans learn something before its too late. CHINA is coming.......BOOM

2. networkdood

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Coming? You mean already here...who do you think is being hired to rebuild America's infrastructure under Obama's plan? Yep, the Chinese....Americans are just a bunch of lemmings, especially when it comes to voting. They need to learn that no matter if a Democrat or a Republican is being voted in that it is the same elitist agenda being carried out.

3. drum009

Posts: 33; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

speaking of China, I know that they are in the process of punking Mexico into being their new "factory". I don't remember all the details but the sum of it is that Mexico is investing Millions and Millions into roads and bridges to connect their eastern port to the US border. They will bring goods and raw materials by Semis that are considered 90,000lb (???) "super loads". The US has already extended the buffer zone that these "super loads" are allowed to travel up into the US.... Again, this is just a crude summary of it. You can always google and see for yourself.

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