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The Apple Watch unlock option now works with Siri requests in iOS 15

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iOS 15 enables Siri personal requests with ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature
With the iOS 14.5 update, Apple outed a tighter integration with Apple Watch, solving the puzzle of how to unlock your iPhone with a mask on. The ability to unlock your iPhone via your Apple Watch instead of the dreaded mask-averse Face ID routine, called simply Apple Watch Unlock, is now an integral part of Apple's mobile software but the iOS 15 update will do it one better.

"Use the secure connection to your Apple Watch for Siri requests or to unlock your iPhone when an obstruction, like a mask, prevents Face ID from recognizing your Face. Your watch must be passcode protected, unlocked, and on your wrist close by," says Apple in the Face ID and Passcode menu of Settings. Notice something new?

Yep, besides unlocking your iPhone without Face ID having to scan your face, you will now be able to bark questions or stake demands before Apple's virtual assistant Siri without a confirmation, like the one requested to change something in Settings, for instance. Heck, your iPhone can now be in your pocket, and still be asked to read messages out loud, though we doubt the muffled sound will be any good with ambient noise around.

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