The ASUS TOUGH is a water-proof Android tablet

The ASUS TOUGH is a water-proof Android tablet
ASUS just pulled the covers off of the TOUGH which is an Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet with a 7-inch display that also just happens to be water-proof as well as dust-proof.

The ASUS TOUGH is said to be heading for the KDDI network in Japan. Judging by the photos it looks to be a pretty beefy tablet (it broke the scale at 620 grams), but that is to be expected when it is made to handle all that Mother Nature tries to throw at it.

The specifications of this device go right along with other Android tablets that ASUS has released in the past. It is powered by a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor and that 7-inch display features a resolution of 1280x800. The TOUGH will ship with 16GB of built-in internal memory. Around the back of the hefty tablet is a 5 megapixel camera but there doesn’t appear to be any camera on the front.

The TOUGH also has all of the standard radios on-board such as EVDO, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. The tablet also has support for WiMax. Check out the photos and tell us what you think of the ASUS TOUGH.

source: The Android Authority 



1. dhruba unregistered

too fat. otherwise not bad

2. teknoswag unregistered

I can see the construction industry using this to get up to date info on materials and plans.

3. blackwood_s unregistered

Too bad the Pentagon cut its spending.. they might have found use for this tablet.

4. jacko unregistered

be careful ASUS apple might sue saying they invented the first waterpoof tablet/phone

5. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Tough is Panasonic brand name. I don't know if Panasonic filed a Patent on Tough naming.

6. naginalf unregistered

I'll take one please. Just what I've been waiting for. Either this or the thinkpad, might go with this simply based on the smaller size, 7" is just perfect, easy to fit in the hand, not too big, fits in a pair of JNCOs. Although I do like that IBM, er Lenovo quality (do they still have that IBM quality?). If only it had a voice radio. I've always wanted to be the weirdo with a tablet up to the side of his face, lol.

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