TAG Heuer phone announced

TAG Heuer phone announced
The rumors have been confirmed and the first TAG Heuer phone, called MERIDIIST, is now official. Currently, the information on the manufacturer’s site is pretty scarce, but a French tech blog reveals some more details.

The MERIDIIST will retail for the modest price of $5400 to $6200 (EUR 3400 to 3900) so obviously, it is another phone for the filthy rich. Logically, it emphasizes on fine artisanship, instead of on features. It is touted to be hand assembled from 430 components, just as the watches of the Swiss brand. Most of the construction is made of stainless steel (316L) and a sapphire crystal is used for the displays. We say displays, because besides the main 1.9” color unit, there is an additional OLED one on the top, acting as an independent timepiece (TAG Heuer is a watch-brand after all). The design of the keypad is interesting: the buttons are also made out of steel and have large number characters occupying most of their surface, accompanied by very small letters. Obviously, this and the 7 hours of talk time are a hint that the phone’s main idea is to be used for talking.

source: TAG Heuer, Journal du Geek via Engadget Mobile



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

You must really need to compensate for something if you have to get this phone.

2. james villan!! unregistered

Really u ither are a morron or have nothing else to spend ur money on if u get this phone + theres a lot better looking and funtional phones than this one like the n96 8g or even a Iphone!!!

3. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

NO modern phone is worth $5500+. I don't think any phones in the future will cost this much either. Save your money.

4. Ketchup unregistered

lol all i need now is an Omega Phone to go with my seamaster watch then i can go diving and talk to someone at the same time

5. sweetass unregistered

ok this phone is a luxury phone but its ugly ass, its as functional as a rock, and they put real leather on this phone and we all know leather is cow! But if it was nicer looking and more functional i would get it cuz im like rich and like everyone i go 2 scool is 2 cuz we live in 1 of the most wealthiest towns in the country.

6. BrightWhitellc0

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 26, 2009

I know for this high price i can go on vacation for two weeks:-) I think this phone is over price and i think you can find this on phone on Ebay for much cheaper.

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