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T-Mobile Sidekick owners may have lost some data permanently

T-Mobile Sidekick owners may have lost some data permanently
We all know about T-Mobile's "Project Black". For users of the T-Mobile Sidekick, there seems to be a "Project Black Hole" which is where much of the data that was stored on Sidekick handsets ended up. A server failure to Danger's machines has led to a loss of personal information on the handset. A subsidiary of Microsoft, Danger is still working on trying to recover the lost information, but this looks to be just about impossible. Even with Danger personnel working around the clock, A T-Mobile release says that the likelihood of a successful outcome is low. Personal info stored on the device like contacts, calendars, to-do-lists and photos that is missing from your Sidekick is essentially gone with the wind. To keep whatever info you have on the machine now, T-Mobile suggests that Sidekick owners do not turn their device off, do not let their unit lose power, do not reset their phone or do not remove the battery until further notice.

On Monday, T-Mobile plans on making an announcement about the status of the remaining issues caused by the server disruption as well as updating the data recovery efforts and passing along any tips or hints that might help Sidekick owners. Of course, there were plenty of apologies to go around from the carrier and from Microsoft/Danger. We suggest that you contact T-Mobile to see what kind of compensation they might offer you. In today's release, it does say that additional measures are being considered to "reinforce" your value as a T-Mobile customer. For more information, check out the source link.

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