Super Cat Bros is a fun new platforming game for iOS and Android inspired by Nintendo classics of yore


Super Cat Bros is a free to play platforming game that oozes retro charm through its pixel art visuals and employs an unusual, but very responsive and easy to get the hang of control scheme. From its name, to its gameplay mechanics and overworld map, Super Cat Bros is conceptually rooted in classic Super Mario titles of yore and is not shy to admit it. Despite its obvious inspirations, however, the game has its own thing going on and will have you instantly hooked if you are a fan of the genre.

Super Cat Bros features six playable characters — all of them cats, of course — each with unique abilities that will help you solve a plethora of clever different puzzles scattered throughout the game's 50 levels. There are also “helpers”, which you can summon to follow and aid you in your adventures.

Super Cat Bros is tailor made for touch screen devices and relies on a very simple, yet rewarding, control scheme. Weird as it may seem for a jump 'n' run game, Cat Bros features no dedicated jump button, but works around this “limitation” in a very clever and successful fashion. Although there is no way to jump at your will per se, the game employs a clever mechanic that allows you to leap from edges when running at full speed. Movement of your whiskered protagonist is handled by simply tapping the left and right portions of the screen – long-press to walk, double tap to run. There are virtual navigational buttons on each side of the screen, which are relatively small, but you are in no way restricted to tapping squarely on them, as their active zones are quite large. This control scheme may seem like an odd choice when playing the game for the first time, but it quickly proves itself as a perfect match for Super Cat Bros' fun and simple gameplay mechanics.

Super Cat Bros is available for free on iOS and Android, featuring optional in-app purchases. Links can be found below.

Download Super Cat Bros:

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