‘Hey Spotify’ voice command is beginning to roll out globally

‘Hey Spotify’ voice command is beginning to roll out globally
You know how you can trigger certain actions, using your built-in voice assistant? You can say ‘Hey, Siri’, and ask her to tell you the weather. Also, you can say ‘Ok, Google, play the next song!’

Well, soon you’ll be able to control your Spotify playlist directly through the Spotify app.

Now, this doesn’t mean Spotify is getting a voice assistant, but the music app will supposedly be able to perform simple music-related actions, like playing your favorite artist, album, or switch songs. So far, it seems like functionality is limited.

Still, this is a great way to switch songs while you are in the shower - given that your phone is close enough to pick up your voice over the music.

We’d love to see other voice commands too. For example, being able to ‘like’ a song, place it in your playlist, or even ask Spotify to read out the storyline of a song.

For now, the new feature is only available to a handful of users, at random. Make sure you are on the latest version of the app on your Android or iOS/iPad OS device. It should show up as a notification, which tells you to try it out, as reported by GSM Arena.

Until ‘Hey Spotify’ rolls out to everyone, you can talk to your close buddies, Siri & Google. Oh, and Alexa! Don’t forget Alexa.

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