Special promotions help to shave $40 off the cost of an Amazon Kindle Fire

Special promotions help to shave $40 off the cost of an Amazon Kindle Fire
At $199, the Amazon Kindle Fire is still easily regarded as a steal when it comes to pricing for an Android based tablet, even more when it integrates a lot of Amazon’s cloud services. Knowing that it’s generally hard to find its pricing any lower than where it has been, it naturally raises our eyes whenever special promotions and deals manage to bring its price lower.

Well, that’s certainly what we’re seeing as two different promotions enable the tablet’s price to be lowered all the way down to $159 – in the end, that is. First up, there is a MasterCard Here’s to Mom” promotion that essentially provides a $20 prepaid MasterCard when you spend $200 or more by Christmas – so that’s the first $20 savings.

Next, you can shed another $20 by using the promotion code 3TLRXE3N on your Amazon.com purchase when you use a MasterCard as your choice of payment at checkout. Actually, the $20 savings is broken up into a $10 credit off any $100 or more purchase, and another $10 Amazon.com gift card via email.

Although it’s not a direct $40 off the cost of the Amazon Kindle Fire when you go any buy one, it’s nonetheless a $40 savings in the end. Of course, you can always try and get cold hard cash for all the gift cards if you can somehow entice a friend or family member to buy them off you, but then again, that’s another level of work on your part.

source: MasterCard via: Phonenews
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