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So, what are some of the changes in webOS 1.31?

So, what are some of the changes in webOS 1.31?
With the introduction of webOS version 1.31 right out of the box for the Palm Pixi, and as an OTA firmware upgrade for the Palm Pre, Palm has tweaked a few things here and there with Yahoo Synergy topping the list. That means you can sync your contacts, calendar and e-mail between Yahoo and webOS 1.31 along with your Yahoo IM buddies list. Tapping on a text message or an IM now brings up a menu that gives you options to copy, forward or delete a single message. Pressing your finger down on the fast forward or rewind button on the music player allows for a scrubber to appear. The scrubber can be dragged to the exact part of the song or podcast you are accessing. Web sites now have placeholders for flash content instead of empty space. Perhaps this is to remind everyone that flash is supposed to be added to the Pre in the first half of next year. If the missing flash content is a YouTube video, a preview image is shown to alert you that you can click on the image to watch the video from inside the phone's YouTube app. Palm has told precentral that webOS 1.31 also contains the "underpinnings" to download the Facebook App from the online store. In other words, webOS 1.31 is the minimum build required to run the current Facebook app for the Pre or the Pixi. Speaking of the app store, the store now filters apps so that if using the Pixi, only apps that can be used for that handset can be seen by the user, and vice versa.

While not available now as it is "grayed out", future versions of webOS will allow you to select which apps will handle phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. Holding the door open for at least the idea of an alternative to the Opera browser in the future, eventually webOS users will be able to select which app will hold your web links.. On the Pixi, it looks like 1.31 brings some Bluetooth fixes with it. The new build doesn't increase speed and the ability to use the Facebook app is the only application related change. For Pre owners moving up to 1.31 either with the OTA upgrade or by buying a Pixi, the move from 1.21 to 1.31 will probably be noticeable although it won't give you everything you want including iTunes syncing.

source: precentral

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