Simple Mobile customers can now add on an unlimited international plan for $10 per month

Simple Mobile customers can now add on an unlimited international plan for $10 per month
Providing its customers yet another outlet to save more money, Simple Mobile just recently announced the availability of two new unlimited international plans to complement existing unlimited domestic plans.

Essentially, existing customers who happen to be already on an unlimited domestic plan can opt to add on Simple Mobile’s new $10 per month unlimited international plan, which provides the all-you-can-eat nature for both calling and texting. On top of that, they also have a $10 Pay-As-You-Go International Flexibility Plan as an alternative – thus, giving customers reduced rates to a variety of countries around the world.

SVP of Marketing for Simple Mobile, Tim Garrett, said, “We continue to offer free international text messaging with all our current plans and our totally new international calling plans are the perfect compliment to that feature. The majority of SIMPLE Mobile customers have friends and family outside of the US, so these upgrades will definitely appeal to them. The revolutionary $10 Unlimited and Pay-As-You-Go options can cover our customers’ international calling needs through the same dependable, hassle free style of wireless service SIMPLE Mobile has been providing them with domestically.

For those not familiar with Simple Mobile, they actually don’t sell handset for use with its service, but rather, they sell SIM cards that will obviously work on any unlocked device provided by the customer.

source: Business Wire & Simple Mobile via Phonescoop
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