SilverTree Media releases Cordy Sky tilt & bounce game

SilverTree Media releases Cordy Sky tilt & bounce game
If you were a fan of Cordy, or even SilverTree Media's Sleepy Jack, then you may want to check out the newest offering from the developer called Cordy Sky, which is a spiritual successor to the original platformer. The game continues the story from where Cordy left off, but the gameplay is completely different. Rather than a side-scrolling platformer, Cordy Sky is a vertical tilt & bounce game. 

We know that tilt & bounce games are a dime a dozen on mobile devices these days, but it is instantly recognizable that Cordy Sky shouldn't be lumped in with the rest. There is a world of difference between hastily slapped together tilt & bounce games and Cordy Sky. Sure, the gameplay can still be a bit repetitive, but SilverTree Media has done a good job of mixing things up with different control schemes, and game mechanics, so it's not the same old bouncing all the time. Not to mention, the graphics are easily the best you'll find in any tilt & bounce game. 

Fair warning, although the game is available for free, it is just a demo with access to the first of five levels. Of course, in order to unlock the full game, it will only cost 99 cents, which isn't too bad. The game uses the in-app payment system to unlock the full set of levels, and some users who routinely change ROMs have found that their purchase doesn't transfer over, although we have had our Cordy purchase follow us through two devices and a number of ROMs so far. 

If you want to give it a try, Cordy Sky is available in the Android Market.


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