Schematics and alleged live image of the OnePlus Nord 4 leak: it's not particularly good-looking

Schematics and alleged live image of the OnePlus Nord 4 leak
Just a couple of days ago, OnePlus announced its event for potentially unveiling the OnePlus Nord 4. The company teases the with a metallic plate of sorts, and at first glance, it looks quite exciting:

But then comes a leaked live image of the OnePlus Nord 4 (allegedly). And it doesn't really... look cool.

First off, Digital Chat Station, who is a reputable tipster in the mobile tech world, released a schematic of the phone. Separately, a real-life image of the phone has shown up online (courtesy of leaker Yogesh Brar), and those two seem to match each other. So maybe it's a thing.

And those are both different from the OnePlus Ace 3V, which was initially thought to become the OnePlus Nord 4 (rebranded for outside of China). Well, it's not going to be the Ace 3V, it seems like.

According to the schematic, we have a flat display on the front with a centered display camera hole. We have the buttons on the right-hand side and the alert slider on the left.

The cameras are horizontally aligned on the back, with some sensors on the right.

And here comes the live image, which is here to wow with the phone's design. Not in a good sense. Actually, the phone looks quite unusual and I can't bring myself to say it's pretty. We have the top part of the phone with glass and the rest may be metal, as the folks at Android Headlines guess. The bottom part of the phone is expected to be made by metal judging by OnePlus' metallic-inspired teaser.

It's not the best design solution with what a matte metal part and a glossy top part made of glass - and the contrast between the two. It honestly gives me C-3PO Star Wars-y vibes. I don't like that vibe on a phone, and I was always more of an R2-D2 fan anyway...

Here's to hoping this live image isn't really the OnePlus Nord 4 and some early prototype that the company abandoned. But it doesn't look like this is the case. Anyway, we'll know quite soon with a special event scheduled for July 16.

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