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Scare your Apple iPhone totin' buddy with iPhoneception

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Scare your Apple iPhone totin' buddy with iPhoneception
Interested in putting a scare into that friend of yours who just loves his Apple iPhone  and has it in his hand 23 hours a day? A web site called iPhoneception allows you to install one of four special effects that will have your pal wondering what has gone wrong with his most prized possession. The four effects are explosion, kittens, gravity and zombies.

To install the prank, first select the one you want to use (explosion, which is the one in the video below, looks quite interesting) and somehow get the phone away from your friend. Because this is merely an interactive website, no Apple ID is required. Create a homepage bookmark, launch it from Springboard, press the lock button and you are all set.

When you do pull off the gag, you best reveal it to be a joke quickly before your buddy does some bodily harm to himself.

source: iPhoneception via TUAW

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posted on 25 Mar 2012, 17:20

1. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

just the right amount of sarchasm. :) lolz

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 17:21 11

2. vishu9 (Posts: 252; Member since: 03 Mar 2011)

would be better if the explosions were real :D...jk

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 17:33 4

3. Cwebb (Posts: 501; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

I guess those iDiots are right, Android doesn't have apps like that!

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 17:37 6

4. ningaman999 (Posts: 13; Member since: 27 Dec 2011)

So you're telling me that's not what my iPhone is supposed to do?

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 18:36 5

5. theBankRobber (Posts: 682; Member since: 22 Sep 2011)

I took my friends android phone and put a iPhone theme on it. When he woke up and turn his screen on he was yelling WTF haha

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 19:47

6. Nickmfnjackson (Posts: 101; Member since: 21 Jan 2010)

Mainly funny because I assume your friend didn't understand his phone well enough to realize there was actually a way to change their theme

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 21:02 1

7. sprockkets (Posts: 1611; Member since: 16 Jan 2012)

And now that you have publicized this app apple will pull the app citing it duplicates the app launcher functionality and may lead to possible user confusion and frustration.

posted on 26 Mar 2012, 00:28 1

10. Forsaken77 (Posts: 553; Member since: 09 Jun 2011)

I don't believe it's an app in the app-store, it's just a website you can install directly from.

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 22:12 3

8. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

iAm definitely going to try this as iKnows' a few Shē€p.

Is this what they mean when they claim to have the coolest apps'?

Though, iWish Android had this but iGuess we're just too sophisticated and smart.

posted on 25 Mar 2012, 22:40

9. projectmole86 (Posts: 10; Member since: 17 Jan 2012)

The zombie one is the best one to freak out your friends!

posted on 26 Mar 2012, 15:08 1

12. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Would be pretty awesome if there was one that turned the iphone interface into an android one.

posted on 26 Mar 2012, 15:53

13. Mandroid (Posts: 209; Member since: 22 Feb 2012)


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