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Samsung's Investment Bank says Apple iPad mini to launch with 7 inch screen in Q3

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Samsung's Investment Bank says Apple iPad mini to launch with 7 inch screen in Q3
OLED-DISPLAY.com says it has received from a source, documents from Investment Bank Samsung Securities that confirm that Apple and Samsung Mobile Display are in talks to provide the former with flexible or standard AMOLED panels for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. According to the site, those documents, dated from last December 8th, also show that Apple also plans on launching a 7 inch mini version of its tablet sometime in the third quarter of this year. Recently, DigiTimes reported a rumor that an Apple iPad mini with a 7.85 inch display has been delivered for testing and would rollout later this year.

The document goes on to add that Samsung needs to improve the resolution on its flexible panel as well as be able to deliver a large quantity for Apple to use them for their next Apple iPad. The upcoming Apple iPad 3 is expected to come with a IPS Retina display. SMD admits that at present, it can "only" produce 54 million AMOLED displays. Pricing is also an issue as the current 3.5 inch LCD display on the Apple iPhone 4 is said to cost $38.50 each while the 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen on the Samsung Galaxy S II runs $50-$55 each. Turning to tablets, for the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7, the 7.7 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen is $150-$170 each while a AMOLED display measuring 9.7 inches for an Apple iPad would cost $240-$260.

source: SamsungSecurities via OLED-DISPLAY.com

Document says 7 inch Apple iPad mini is coming in Q3

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