Samsung is reportedly looking into bringing Samsung Pay to other manufacturers' devices

Samsung Pay is sort of the unsung hero of smartphone payment systems: where alternatives such as Apple Pay or Android Pay work exclusively via NFC, Samsung's solution is actually backwards-compatible with older magnetic card readers as well — a feature rarely talked about, and thus largely unknown to the average consumer. But while the platform is currently limited to Samsung's flagships and select mid-rangers, a new rumor claims the company is looking into licensing its service to other manufacturers.

According to Gadgets 360, internal sources indicate Samsung is in talks with unnamed third-party phone makers, whom it is willing to supply with the special proprietary chip enabling Samsung Pay's unique feature. Current negotiations are reportedly limited to high-end devices only — according to the same source, Samsung is also planning on including the full Samsung Pay functionality in more of its mid-rangers.

Of course, it's hard to imagine many manufacturers will be willing to include and market Samsung's proprietary hardware and software in their devices. To that end, Sammy is also exploring a second option: an optional accessory loaded with the needed hardware. This would certainly fix the above problem, though we can't imagine that many people will be interested in paying for such an accessory.

Whether this rumor is true or not, it doesn't seem like that far-fetched: LG recently launched its own payment service, which, too, has compatibility with magnetic card readers. And while LG Pay is still limited to South Korea (for now), it poses a great risk for Samsung Pay's potential as a cash cow. Plus, the Korean giant has been pretty aggressive in the expansion of its payment service lately: the U.K. and India are two major markets Samsung has recently added to its roster.




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Samsung pay is superior because it works every where.

2. Medoogalaxy

Posts: 232; Member since: May 25, 2017

Yes it's thtd best service paying mobile, because it's supports MST and NFC

10. TechieXP1969

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Well it works 90% of the time while Android/Apple pay work only 10% of the time.

3. TechGirl90 unregistered

That's very generous of them, but this feature will no longer be exclusive to Samsung if they were to do this. You want a feature to remain only exclusive to you to keep your Fanbase tethered to your products, breaking that exclusivity will have this feature be no longer unique. On top of that, Android Pay is available to all Manufacturers of Android Powered Products, so this will be in a way pointless to implement on other Products, also LG created it's own payment service called "LG Pay". I may be alone on this, but I think Samsung should keep this feature on their products only if I were them.

4. Cyberchum

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Fortunately, you're not them: they know better. Google don't restrict their apps to Android—they're littered in the App Store. They know better, too. Only Apple could get away with keeping services tied to their platforms, but even they made their Music Streaming service available to Android users. They, as well, know better. BBM could still be the top messaging app had they, BB, made it cross-platform much earlier than they did. I can go on and on. Android Pay is available on Android, not just Pixels and Nexuses. . Opening it to other OEMs is a good progression.

7. TechGirl90 unregistered

Not at all implying that I know better than Samsung in response to your statement saying "Fortunately, you're not them: they know better." A person that knows better will not put "I think" in their comment which is showing Uncertainty of their own statement, my statement was an opinion, not factual. This could very well be a success, not doubting that, but with Mobile Payment Systems such as Android Pay and other OEMs such as LG implementing their own Payment System, why would Samsung need to do this?

12. TechieXP1969

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So what. It doesn't need to be exclusive. If you license it to others that means more money for Samsung, also means more usage. The benefit of Samsung Pay is Samsung doesn't charge a fee to banks ot retailers to use it. Unlike Apple Pay which requires licensing. So if Samsung does this and pulls it off, Apple Pay and Android Pay will remain only 10% of the space or less. Apple thought that choosing NFC, woudl make all retailers go out and spend millions of dollars to support it. NFC biggest drawback is, it requires a huge software update to terminals and cash registers. Many of which don't support such an update. It also requires millions of terminals to be replaced. Many retailers have begun to replace them, but they are buying the ones that support all mobile pay system available in the USA. However all of them will still have swipe readers because many people will never use mobile payment options and banks have also (at leats the major ones) have give their customers cards with chips. So retailers are upgrading to newer chip readers and those newer chip readers also accept mobile payments. Apple right now has sold over 350M iPhone's that support Apple Pay, yet less than 20% of iPhone owners use it. Samsung right now has sold over 250M phones that support Samsung Pay and more than 40% of its users actually use it. According to this article -, Apple pay usage increased 50% over 2016. But based on the article, the usage is less than 3% at the retailers that accept it. THis page shows Android, Apple and Samsung Pay usages. As you can see Samsung Pay usage is beating the other 2.

5. kick413

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That's great but if the others aren't picking up mst, what makes it better than Android pay?

15. MrShazam

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Nothing, just another option, especially for those who don't trust google with any personally identifiable data.

6. Soundjudgment

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Magnetic-striped cards are going the way of the Dodo. So MST is of less and less value with each passing month. It is like saying, "Wow! My lamp-socket can still support incandescent bulbs *and* LEDs!"

9. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

People keep saying that and it is simply not true. In the US, retailers have already tried to only have chip readers terminals. It simply fails to much and the mag-stripe is a backup that 99.9% always works. In the USA, mag-stripe is never going anywhere. You can make that claim about card readers going the way of the DODO, but its not. I guarantee you will be dead before card readers die. The latest POS equipment we have been installing at many retailers and fast food, still have the swipe, they have NFC as well and they support Android, Apple and Samsung Pay. You don't know what you're talkign about. How do I know? My company does inside cabling for Point-Of-Sales. We also install the POS equipment if it is included with our cabling. In recent month, McDonald's, Foot Locker and 7-Eleven are all changing their POS equipment to new terminals which still have card readers because it is a backup when the chip or NFC doesn't work or if people have not set up devices to use it. Card readers are more than 100 year old bruh. They are not gonna die. They may get less used as people move up, but old people are never gonna use NFC otr any mobile device payment. They are gonna whip out a credit card and swipe. You have no idea what you're talkign about!

8. TechieXP1969

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LG Pay poses zero risk to Samsung pay because LG sells much limited hardware. How many phones does LG sell in a year? Maybe 10M if that? Smausng sells 300M phones. Samsung Pay is installed on more than 15 Samsung models. 2 of those models sell at least 4 times as many as all of LG models combined. Apple also has Apple Pay install on 7 phone models, that sell in the 100's of millions liek the iPhone 6 which sold 220M over 2 years. Yet Apple Pay is used less than Samsung Pay. When I use Samsung Pay in stores, many people be like how you do that and they have iPhone with apple Pay and they don't even have it set up. McDonald's has made it easier to use both. We have installed a new POS machine and is workign with their IT /(Vital Networks) to bring the new machines to their locations all over North America. The readers work with Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and yet I never see anyone ever uses them. If Google, Apple and Samsung want more usage, they need to advertise the feature more. Apple rarely even has commercials showing Apple Pay, even with all the banks on-board. Because most retailers still use magstrip. Samsung was running lots of ads with Hannibal Burgess, but they to have lessened. I've never seen an Android Pay commercial. Samsung Pay is the winning option because it works all over the world. NFC is used mostly in Europe. MST is the awesome thing about Samsung Pay because it will work with many older readers, except those from NCR. Some stores like Home Depot, Sam's Club and a few others, have purposely prevented their card readers from using Samsung Pay. I use to use it at both retailers with no issue, but they in recent months took the function away. So now I've lessened shopping with them. I now shop at Lowe's where Samsung Pay does work and it also works at Costco. Those that rely solely on NFC, doomed themselves to fail.

11. talon95

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That's awesome. Although since gear S3 works with other android phones I can already have the option to use another brand of phone and keep Samsung Pay. I use Samsung pay almost exclusively so I'd like to see it licensed and more widely available.

14. TechieXP1969

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Very good pint. I tried using my GS3 with my iPhone 7+, but some things which are suppose to work, aren't working properly. I wrote Samsung about it and got an email back saying, they are tryign to work with Apple to get them fixed. But since the Gear S3 has its own modem and cellular conenction, you can use Samsung Pay as you stated, no matter what phone you have it sync'd with, even if that phone does not support Samsung Pay. That is a huge deal because even though many Android Wear and Apple Watch support their platforms mobile pay system, they don't work without the phone. The Gear S2 only has NFC, but again it does work standalone as well. This is a huge advantage Samsung has having cellular in the Gear S. Apple after 3 watch revisions, still doesn't have a standalone option, yet the stupid fans argue sales. They can sell all they want, but I wont being buying them if they don't do what I need. Samsung Pay is the clear winner in the metric. The only place I frequent that Samsung Pay does not work, but it use to is Sam's Club. And that is because of Wal-Mart Pay which is pure BS.

13. TechieXP1969

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Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay usage - According to the fact, those who have Samsung Pay using it more than 50% of the tims vs whipping out their card. I carry one card (AMEX never leave home without it) for just in case. Hwoever all gas station (at least branded ones like BP, Shell, Speedway to name a few, all can accept mobile pay from Apple and Samsung and Android. Where ever Apple Pay works, Android Pay works. Samsung Pay works in places they don't which is a huge advantage. Even now its still a 90% vs 10% chance Samsung Pay will work while the others won't. I do know that major brands like Pepsico, Yun Brands and others are all on-board to adopt terminals at all their retail locations to have terminals that accept all US mobile pay, chip readers and swipe all in one terminal. McDonald's has already installed theirs and we are workign with them to finish all the US locations. Foot Locker is also doing the same at all 5000+ location worldwide. They started after their buyout of CHAMPS and other shoe stores.They are out largest single client. If Samsung makes this move, they will have the largest acceptance network of mobile pay in the world. Which means they will have at least 80% of the mobile pay pie and all the other guys will wished they did MST/NFC. All they have to do now is work with more neighborhood banks vs just big name banks. But they have the best and biggest banks on Samsung Pay. Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, American Express, Discover and more are all available on Samsung Pay. Out of 6 cards I have, only 2 don't work with Samsung Pay yet. Once they do, I wont carry but one card as a backup. Lets go Samsung make this happen!

16. omnitech

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Release it on more banks in Canada first ......

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