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Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Live Coverage!

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Samsung Mobile Unpacked: Live Coverage!
Welcome to our Live Coverage post dedicated to Samsung Mobile's Unpacked event, which is about to take place here, at CTIA 2011. We are expecting some nice surprises by the manufacturer, like an 8.9-inch tablet, or maybe even a mini version of the Galaxy S II. Whatever it is, it sure is going to be pretty hot right here, so stay tuned for our up-to-the-minute updates!

The event is scheduled to begin in 11AM ET | 8AM PT | 3PM GMT

Live event tracker

10:31Show is done! We'll get a hands on, but the Sprint event will start 1PM. Be sure to keep put for it.
10:30Kim Tidus is back on stage
10:30Word about the 4G connected models will come later
10:29Wi-Fi Tabs for the 10"1" will launch for 16GB $499.99 32GB $599.99. 8.9" 16GB $469 32GB $569. June 8th for 10,1", while summer for the 8.9"
10:28One more surprise!!
10:288.6mm & 470 grams, dual core processor, 6,000 mAh battery gives 10 hour battery life
10:24Video is playing about the new 8.9" tab
10:24Omar is back on the stage to give more details on the Tab 10.1"
10:24Omar is back on the stage to give more details on the Tab 10.1"
10:23Book Cover case doubles as a stand as well
10:23HDMI dock will be available
10:23Samsung stick Bluetooth accessory allows you to do video chat
10:22Cisco Anyconnect
10:22Microsoft Exchange Activesync support too
10:21Enterprise solutions will be available as well. SAP with BusinessObjects Explorer
10:20Richer browsing with Adobe Flash 10.2, 2-MP front facing, and a 720p enabled shooter in the rear
10:19Now they're talking about the media hub. Stereo speakers will be on board
10:18Readers hub is Samsung ebook reader app
10:17New Social Hub will have unified email, instant messaging, and feeds
10:17Looks very optimized for tablets.
10:16TouchWiz 4.0 designed specifically Android 3.0 Hobeycomb
10:151280 x 800 IPS display, 6800 mAh battery
10:15585 grams to make it the lightest 10.1" tablet
10:15"Samsung will not be outdone."
10:14Redesigned to 8.6mm thickness
10:144G LTE with the 10.1" Tab, dual wi-fi access too
10:12Omar is back and talking about the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1"
10:11Second video of "Carl" is now playing
10:11Second video of "Carl" is now playing
10:10"portable, sleek, and sexy. Like me!"
10:09"With the Galaxy Tab, I can place it in my bag and go."
10:08video playing about real customers on using tablets
10:08"Samsung has always been about choice."
10:07He's explaining the needs from consumers about tablets
10:06Kim Tidus is back and introducing tech officer omar khan
10:05"What's your tab life?"
10:052 new galaxy tabs being announced today "giving the best tablet experience"
10:05He's giving his speech on why consumers are loving their Tab line
10:03SK Shin is now on stage
10:02Kim Tidus of Samsung is out and on stage
10:00lights are off. We're starting
09:59Program is just about ready to begin.
09:57Just a reminder, but make sure to keep a watchful eye on our twitter account for all the live coverage today. Should be one packed day.
09:54Announcement came on saying the show is about to start in 5 minutes! Hold on to your seats people.
09:50Place is beginning to get packed!

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