Results: How many homescreens do you have on your device?

Results: How many homescreens do you have on your device?
If you've been on Android for a while, you've probably dabbled in homescreen customization at least once or twice. You can put your icons and widgets wherever you want, you can move whole homescreens around, you can pick which one is your primary home (on some devices, that is), and so on. On the iPhone, you are a bit more limited than that, but you can still place your apps in folders in order to limit the grand total of homescreens.

As with anything, there are all kinds of people with all kinds of tastes out there. We thought we'd ask you — how many homescreens is too many? Turns out a lot of you guys like to keep their phone tidy — to be expected, really.

How many homescreens do you have on your phone?

One and it's (mostly) clean of icons / widgets!
One, covered in apps / folders, is all I need.
I can tolerate up to three
I have about five screens, give or take one
Ehhh lots... I don't care.


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