Poll results: Smartphone cases, yay or nay?

Poll results: Smartphone cases, yay or nay?
On Monday we moved to put an end to the rampant anecdotal evidence that people either overwhelmingly use or do not use smartphone cases with their phones. We've seen a profound split in popular opinion time and time again, and the comment section underneath the poll from 3 days ago is no exception -- there were those who preferred to take their chances in order to enjoy their device at the fullest, while others argued for the more practical approach that is outfitting their bad boy with a case or a cover.

The poll gathered some 1,700 votes, and while that's far from a large enough sample as to be called statistically representative, it still provides us with a split that we found corresponds with our own observations. To put this in numbers, 53.69% of you say that they currently use a smartphone case, and they have every intention of using cases in the future, while 30.21% of respondents frown at the idea of covering up, and they intend for that to stay that way. On the flip side, 8.2% of you said that they're currently using a case, but do not plan to with their next phone, all the while about the same number (7.9%) of people vowed that their current lack of a protective case is an omission that has no part in their future.

So where does that leave us? Obviously, the majority of people prefer to not take any chances, which makes a whole lot of sense considering how fragile smartphones still are. At the same time, a respectable amount of people are not afraid of the risks, if that will give them more direct contact with their companion device. Of course, those same people do not necessarily go full commando -- things like display and rear protectors are, in some cases, a small sacrifice that will get you by just fine in 90% of scenarios.

Smartphone cases: yay or nay?

Yes, I use and will continue to use cases
Yes, I currently use a case, but plan not to with my next phone
No, I don't currently use a case nor do I intend to
No, I don't currently use a case, but plan to with my next phone

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