Politician loses his iPhone in a mugging, buys it back for $200 from the mugger

Politician loses his iPhone in a mugging, buys it back for $200 from the mugger
San Francisco supervisor Scott Wiener was walking toward a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station from his home last Friday. Stopping at a red light (it wouldn't look good for a politician to be caught jaywalking), he took out his iPhone.While quickly checking the calendar, a woman sandwiched by two men grabbed his phone, and then the negotiations began.

Wiener kept telling her that he wanted his phone back, and she agreed to give it back to him in return for cash. The muggers originally asked for $500, but eventually agreed to take $200. So Wiener walked with them to an ATM machine, where he had them stand in front of the camera that takes surveillance photos.

In a scene that was out of a comedy, Wiener refused to turn over the cash until the phone was in his hand. The mugger wouldn't turn over the phone until she had the cash in hand. So both relied on a bystander to back the swap. After both sides went their separate ways, Wiener called the cops and the woman was arrested. Turns out she was carrying a can of mace. Her partners are still at large.

Despite this particular crime, smartphone theft has declined 22% year-over-year according to San Francisco district attorney George Gascon. This past February, a law was passed in California requiring phones sold in the state to have a kill switch. That one change in the law is responsible for the large decline in phone-related crime. Why did it take so long to get a kill switch added to smartphones? Because smartphone jacks are a big business for carriers and manufacturers. According to a 2012 report by mobile security firm Lookout, $69 billion in smartphone sales were rung up that year, with $30 billion coming from replacements for lost or stolen devices. Insurance sales are also a big business for the mobile operators.

It is easy to be distracted while looking at your phone. Your best bet is to keep it in your pocket until you are in a location that you feel is safe.

source: arstechnica



1. darkkjedii

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3... 2... 1... Comments, and popcorn.

2. iMicky3

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If the phone was a Samsung it would have stopped working lol

3. RobotMan

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4. iMicky3

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Don't question the truth.

6. Bernoulli

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Of course! Account created less than 24 hours ago and has overall 5 comments total, seems as legit as apple's minimum wage in china.

18. darkkjedii

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Damn dude, you only lasted 8 posts.

5. banglazbless

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What an utter garbage this article is. You're telling me PhoneArena runs out of good articles to right? Who gives a rats arse about a guy mugging some idiot politician for his iphone out in San Francisco? Get with the program men.

7. artificialintelligence

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idk why all the negativity this a funny interesting article it is still phone related no one forced you to read don't get your panties in a bunch over a article dude

8. Arch_Fiend

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PA Will Write An Article About Anything iPhone Related, Haven't You Noticed That By Now?

10. Arch_Fiend

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Wow Just Received A Warning From PA For What I Said In Post#8. Pretty Messed Up PA, I Didn't Even Say Anything That Bad. I've Said Swear Words In Previous Post And Didn't Get An Warnings For Those.

11. darkkjedii

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You come to their site, which is a business, say negative things (directly against the site), and then you're shocked to receive a warning. You have the rite to bash PA, they have the right to respond. PA is a tech site, that shows tech news, if you don't like it, go elsewhere.

14. Arch_Fiend

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I've Said Worse Tho And This Is My First Warning, Not To Mention What I Said Was True.

17. darkkjedii

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Stand out in front of Macy's department store, and spew negative comments about the store, and see if they have security escort you off the property. Same principle here. I'm not bashing you, but PA is a business.

19. Arch_Fiend

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I'll Beat A Security Guard's Ass LOL. And I Get What You're Saying I'm Just Trying To Figure Out Why I'm Getting Warned Now, That Comment Was My Least Offensive Negative Comment About PA And Apple Ever.

15. downphoenix

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The article wasn't to endorse iphones at all, they were just stating matter-of-factly that it was an Iphone.

16. Arch_Fiend

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Yeah And There Are Way To Many iPhone Articles On Pa.

13. ElixieR

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to write* cough cough*

9. DannyJr

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I oppose mandatory kill switches in phones. It is yet another way to abuse authority. It may be used against theft for now. But like backdoors it leads to abuse. I can see it being used against undesirable political enemies, hated goups like the NRA, activists or occupy-wallstreet types, and even people in the no-fly list (too dangerous to fly, own guns, or use phones). In our desire to feel safe, we are trading away our liberties and relying on authority figures to protect us from real and imagined threats. In other words, we are openly embracing the nanny state.

12. LessThanDoug

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This is when I wish cops were everywhere so this poor person didn't have to give away $200 to some prick thief.

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