Play Alien Ride, unlock Skrillex's debut full-length album

Skrillex, purveyor of the fine musicalart of dubstep, is promoting his first and very unexpectedfull-length album, Recess, in a novel way. Way ahead of Easter, heplanted his new tunes as easter eggs into the retro "asteroid"shooter Alien Ride, which, surprisingly, doesn't feature scarymonsters or very nice sprites. Regardless, playing through the game and bustinghigh-scores unlocks 11 new music tracks for streaming, and an optionto pre-order a download of the album is presented in the end.

Skrillex’s full-length debut, outMarch 18 on OWSLA, features collaborations with Chance The Rapper,Diplo, Niki & The Dove, Michael Angelakos, and K-Pop starsG-Dragon and CL. Meanwhile, the free Alien ride app is available fromthe links below:

Download Alien Ride (warning - containsdubstep): Android| iOS

sources: Stereogum, Skrillex via TheVerge



1. nexusdude

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2. Neo_Huang

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wubwub to you too.

3. zennacko unregistered

That makes me download an android emulator just to listen to the songs. Because trading in my ridiculously dumb phone (it won't run anything but stopwatch and calculator, and it does calls, texts and features a VGA camera, FM radio, and the best of all features: MP3 player AND MicroSD support! that's sooo premium!) isn't really an option on where I'm currently living :(

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