Alexa, Polly want a cracker! Meet the parrot that makes Amazon Echo buy him fruit

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Rocco, an African grey parrot, is having a love affair with Amazon's Alexa. He's been chatting her up the whole day, says his owner, and even manages to order stuff that the owner then has to check and cancel each day, reports The Times.

The African grey population is dwindling precisely because they imitate human speech so well and people love to use them as pets. Rocco got bumped from a National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary for swearing too much, landing him with his current owner. According to her:

This robust skillset didn't pass her Amazon Echo smart speaker, too, and Rocco has been asking Alexa to play music or tell him jokes, the most mischievous undertaking is ordering stuff on Amazon. 

Imitating his owner, the parrot managed to order stuff like fruit, snacks, and even a kettle, so his human has to now check her account every day to make sure she cancels any orders that Rocco made. Sign of the times and the perils of having overly smart speakers and pets at home.

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