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The most well-equipped powerbank? OUTXE Savage Rugged Charger hands-on

The most well-equipped powerbank? OUTXE Savage Rugged Charger hands-on

Durability is important. While the sacrifices made in the name of form versus function often leave us more vulnerable than we’d like when it comes to our mobile devices, we thankfully don’t have to make such trade-offs with our portable chargers, that is, if we don’t want to. Portable chargers, especially those packing upwards of 10,000 mAh’s of charge, are already pretty bulky devices, so why not toughen them up properly? That’s the approach that OUTXE takes with its 20,000-mAh Savage Solar Charger. This portable charging powerbank offers QuickCharge for your devices, charges itself in under 6 hours, is IP67 water-resistant, has been fortified with tough plastic and thick rubberized corners, and has the ability to recharge itself from the good ol’ natural sun via solar-panel. As if all that isn’t enough to pique your interest, this powerbank retails for only $55. So, naturally, we had to plug in and see if this charger is all that it strives to be.


Just looking at the Savage Solar Charger, you get the impression that it belongs outdoors. The 2W solar-panel, which comprises the entire face of the accessory, is one big giveaway, but the thick plastic, rubberized red corners, and two built-in straps – to which the included carabiners can be connected – really put the finishing touches on the look. LED indicators also exist to show current charge capacity. This powerbank isn’t just about looking like an outdoor accessory; it truly is one. IP67 water-resistance and a built-in, six-LED flashlight with SOS modes (activated by double-clicking the power button) add to its resilience and versatility as a tool for outdoor adventure. Rubber seals cover the four ports on this device, of which there are two inputs, one micro-USB, the other USB-C, and two USB-A outputs, one QuickCharge-enabled, and the other regular.

For all its bulk and ruggedness, it actually looks pretty cool. It’s a substantial device in the hand, but really any 20,000-mAh powerbank will be. It does feel like it could handle a drop better than any non-fortified charger, though, so it’s nice to have that added security.


Aside from superior durability, the Savage Solar Charger adds some useful conveniences in functionality, as well. Firstly, this will be one of the quicker-charging powerbanks, especially at this size. Dual 4-amp inputs – one micro-USB, the other USB-C – enable this 20,000-mAh monster to recharge from zero to 100 in about 6 hours, a pretty impressive time for that much juice. Of course, we can’t forget the huge solar-panel on the Savage, but without any quoted recharge times from the company, it’s safe to say that this charging option is best left for emergency scenarios. It’s still pretty nice to have this option, though – just in case.

As far as its charging prowess goes, the Quick Charge output is capable of charging up to 18 watts for compatible devices. This breaks down to 2.4A at 5V, 3A at 9V, and 2A at 12V, while the regular USB-A output charges 2.4A at 5V max. Suffice it to say, this charger can power up most phones at, or near their highest charging rate, making no apparent sacrifices and covering all its bases in the most primary use of this device.


The Savage Solar Charger seems to pack versatility in a variety of ways. Not only is it ruggedized and tweaked for the outdoor lifestyle, but the internals are geared towards charging a range of devices and doing so quickly. To top it all off, this powerbank takes a page out of its own book and facilitates a pretty speedy recharge for itself, clocking in at 6 hours for 20,000 mAh. Selling for only $55, it’s hard to see why anyone in the market for a large-capacity portable charger wouldn’t choose the one that charges quick, juices other devices quicker, and can survive a drop in water or on the ground. Oh, and it solar charges too! Pretty sweet deal for under $60.

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