Nokia C3 pays a visit to the FCC

Nokia C3 pays a visit to the FCC
Previously mentioned but with no light being shed on it, the Nokia C3 paid a visit to the local FCC and provides some insights on what to expect. Following suit to what the C-Series is supposed to offer, its “focus on social interaction between friends and family” looks fitting from the outline of what's seen about the device. Although the rear of the candybar styled phone is visible, it could potentially offer a QWERTY keyboard seeing that it'd be useful for messaging and killing time with the various social networking web sites out there. Luckily it'll most likely garner a price that's less than the already mentioned Nokia C5 – but it's most fitting to be available for the emerging markets out there. Nonetheless, we'll see if this one will ultimately be a hit for the long time phone maker who is out to attack the emerging markets in their bid to grow their business.

source: FCC via Unwired View



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