Nokia 220 hands-on: cheapest data connected dual-SIM phone from Nokia


The Nokia 220 is an entry-level, very affordable handset. It will cost $40 (29 EUR), making it probably the most affordable Internet-connected smartphone out there. It follows up from a 2012 model, the Nokia 110.


This is a candy bar-shaped phone, a near-extinct specimen in the phone industry. The form factor is still really nice. The Nokia 220's body has curved edges, and it feels comfortable in the hand. It's very lightweight. It also looks good with all the different colors that are available. You can remove the back panel and put on a different colored one, if you want to mix it up.


The 2.4-inch display may not have the greatest detail, but for a phone this cheap, it looks just fine. Obviously, websites and multimedia aren't fit for such a small display, but we won't be stopping you from trying.

Interface and functionality

The phone's software platform is simple and straightforward. The applications and menus are laid out in a familiar grid-pattern. It's almost like a miniature Android phone. You will find some base Internet applications like Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and a web browser. We believe they are suitable for quick social network checks and very light browsing. 

Hardware and battery

There's a microSD card slot to increase storage capacity, and a dual-SIM slot above the battery. According to Nokia, the battery lasts for up to 13-hours of talk time, and a whopping 51 hours of media playback (most likely music), while standby times reach 24 days for the Dual-SIM model and 29 days for the Single-SIM variants. 


The Nokia 220 has a 2MP camera. There isn't much to be said about it. Obviously, it takes decent photos and records low-resolution video. No auto-focus is mentioned. As photography existed long before 13MP sensors and 1080p video recording, the 2MP camera is no reason to complain. It's no reason to boast, either. It's just very good that it's there.


As a whole, the Nokia 220 is definitely appealing with its efficient design, light weight, and nice color options. Moreover, it's a dual-SIM device, it has a 2MP camera, and it will cost only $41 (29 EUR) at launch. It will make for a great secondary phone, or in the case of customers from very undeveloped markets, a fair first phone.

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