No more 3G multimedia device category for Verizon starting in Q4

No more 3G Multimedia device category for Verizon starting in Q
A leaked internal letter meant to be spread throughout the Verizon retail network has some interesting information. Starting next month with the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2010, Big Red will no longer place newly launched phones in the "3G Multimedia device" category. The good news for customers of Big Red is that new feature phones will no longer require a monthly charge for a data package. While the new feature phones will not require the $9.99 monthly charge, because they will offer the same functionality as 3G Multimedia devices, Verizon is telling its reps that they should still continue to offer the data package to new feature phone buyers

Current phones that fall into the 3G Multimedia category, like the LG enV3, will still require buyers to pay the $9.99 monthly while new feature phones like the Pantech Crux and the LG Octane can be bought without having to pay the data package charge.

The letter also noted that Verizon plans on offering 3G/4G data cards in the fourth quarter, which it suggests customers purchase to have 4G capability when the service is available in their region.

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source: BGR

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