No cool phones from Verizon in April?

No cool phones for Verizon in April?
Last months Rebate Form from Verizon had several new phones listed, such as the Casio Exilim, LG Versa, Nokia Intrigue, Samsung Smooth, and CDM8975 PTT. Some of those have been released (Versa, Intrigue, and CDM8975) but what every happened to the 5MP Exilim? This months rebate form is now out, and the Exilim has been removed, with only the Samsung Smooth still left waiting for release. But more importantly, there aren't any new cool phones listed, such as the LG VX7100 Glance, VX9200, VX11000, Samsung Trance, Alias2, or HTC Diamond. What's the deal Verizon, don't you know everyone is waiting for these???

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