New patent applications reveal the future for the camera on the Apple iPhone

New patent applications reveal the future for the camera on the Apple iPhone
Apple has filed seven new patent applications that give away some of what the future might hold for the camera on upcoming models of the Apple iPhone. One patent deals with distortion and filtering a photo. These are gesture based enhancements to a picture already taken and would change a picture to improve it, or to make it funny. For example, think about those type of editing tricks used to remove red-eye and others that turn a person's face into a multitude of shapes. In fact, five of the patent applications have to do with different ways of identifying red-eye and eliminating it from a picture.

Another patent covers a feature that would help Apple iPhone users take better composed snapshots. In this case, a picture that is taken is frozen on the screen if the photographer is happy with it. A second photo can then be used to replace the first image in certain spots, if the two are basically the same pose. Apple uses the term "badge" in this application to describe a visual cue used by the photographer that is not in the view itself. The badge is used to see if a picture about to be snapped is well-composed.

As an interesting note that could mean something, or just be something written to throw people off the trail, diagrams of a processor in different applications are described as being either an ARM or Intel Atom processor. While Apple could be merely sending everyone on a wild goose chase, occasionally the Cupertino based firm sends you on the proper trail.

source: PatentlyApple via CNET

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