New details on Nokia E71 and E66

New details on Nokia E71 and E66
Recently, several good quality pictures of the new Nokia E71 and E66 appeared. As far as specifications go, the information is scarce and only a few facts are revealed. Both will have a 3.2-megapixel camera, WiFi, and 128 MB of internal storage.

Nokia E71 is the successor of E61i, with similar design, but slimmer body (10mm instead of 14mm). With that said, it uses QWERTY keyboard as a primary input source, but it has received a slight improvement over the one found on its predecessor. The keys are a bit bigger and closer together, and the space button is twice the size. The battery cover is now made of stainless steel (like the one on E51), above which is situated the autofocus camera with flash. On one of the side view pictures is shown a 2.5 mm headphone jack and a speaker grill at the bottom, this hints that it may possibly have stereo speakers. A GPS folder is shown on the screen, but it is yet unknown if the phone will have a receiver integrated or will be able to use external one only.

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Nokia E66 is the successor of the E65, with similar slider design, but the keypad on its front is completely flat. From what we know, the device feels “rugged and solid”, which accents on Nokia aims for improved build quality.

The phones aren’t official yet, but it is rumored that E71 may be announced Today.

source: EngadgetMobile and DechoWireless



1. pHx

Posts: 15; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

E65 was a great phone (with some hardware problems)... i hope that E66 will be greater

2. unregistered

Will AT&T carry this phone? It should be a great competitor for other devices available.

3. unregistered

Who knows, the device haven't been officially announced yet

4. anon e mouse unregistered

They better release this e71 phone soon because when the 3G iPhone comes out it just may be "game over" for Symbian

5. Adit38 unregistered

I think symbian still rulez dude.

6. dicastmetal01 unregistered

do you guys know how much does it cost to replace the chasis of the E71?

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