New Nokia Luna Bluetooth headsets announced

New Nokia Luna Bluetooth headsets announced
On Wednesday, Nokia introduced its first two Windows Phone 8 models, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820. Along with the colorful new handsets,Nokia also introduced a wireless charging pad. But in of the excitement surrouding the launch, there was one accessory that the Finnish based manufacturer failed to unwrap and that was the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset. The device is the successor to an earlier version with the same name that was introduced late last year in India.

Sure, the Nokia Luna works like any other Bluetooth headset, but it can charge wirelessly when placed on the wireless pad. And just look at those colors. Have black, blue, white, red or yellow ever looked so sharp? When you remove the headset from the cradle, the Luna's 'Always Ready' technology takes care of everything and the device is powered by battery with up to 8 hours of talk time and 35 hours of standby. You'll be looking like you're talking to yourself and receiving odd stares for hours

No pricing or launch date was announced, although we would be surprised if the Nokia Luna rolled out to market much later or earlier than the two new Nokia Windows Phone 8 models. And if for some reason you cannot use the wireless charging pad, a USB adapter on the cradle will let you recharge the battery the old fashioned way, with wires.

source: Nokia via MobileFun

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