New HTC commercial claims One series is the product of listening to customers

New HTC commercial claims One series is the product of listening to customers
We can't be too sure what exactly HTC means when it says that it "listens" to customers. It could be that HTC has done extensive surveys, or compiled data from customer service calls, or has simply inferred public sentiment based on sales. Whatever the truth, HTC wants you to know that it has "listened" to you and that the HTC One line of phones is the result of what the company learned. 

Based on the new commercial, it seems that HTC has learned that customers don't actually want to see the smartphones being advertised in the actual commercial. Granted, this is a commercial seems to be aimed at drumming up brand name recognition for the new HTC One lineup, but it is a bit odd that the commercial only shows an HTC One phone 3 times for maybe 20 seconds total of the 1:27 minute long ad. Even when the phone could have been shown for its ability to watch YouTube clips, or update social networking statuses, the commercial opts for a desktop browser instead. 

Brand recognition is important, but we think maybe it's a good idea to show off the phones too. What do you guys think? Is this commercial going to help HTC's cause?

source: HTC via Droid Life


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