Net neutrality repeal takes effect April 23

Net neutrality repeal takes effect April 23
Back in December, net neutrality was repealed by the Trump-era FCC. That means that in theory, Netflix can pay carrier X for access to a faster pipeline than the one used by competitors like Hulu. Consumers could see the price of their monthly Netflix bill rise even more to cover this additional cost. Again, this is in theory. But time is ticking forward. Now that the order to repeal net neutrality has been published in the Federal Register, "The Restoring Internet Freedom Order," as it is misleadingly named, will go into effect on April 23rd.

There are several challenges to the repeal and Democrats in the Senate have enough votes to reverse it. However, they do not have enough votes to overturn the veto that President Trump would no doubt sign if this were to happen. Two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote down a veto from Trump.

Net neutrality forced carriers and ISPs to treat all content the same. That means that the FCC is allowing these companies to throttle certain streams in order to favor other content. It also allows providers to charge more for certain content. If legal challenges (like the one being conducted by the attorney general of New York) fail to halt the repeal, U.S. citizens will have to wait until 2020 to vote out Trump and install a new president who will be favorable toward the return of net neutrality.

source: FederalRegister

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