NPD predicts that the Apple iPad mini will sell 22 million more units than the full sized Apple iPad in 2013

NPD predicts that the Apple iPad mini will sell 22 million more units than the full sized Apple iPad
Research firm NPD expects most of those buying an Apple iPad in 2013 to go with the Apple iPad mini instead of the full-sized variant of the slate. NPD estimates that out of the 88 million units of the tablet that will be sold in 2013, 55 million will be the smaller version of the device with the 7.9 inch screen. That means that at a minimum, 62.5% of the Apple iPads sold next year will have lower screen resolution and a slower processor than the units sold of the full-sized fourth-generation Apple iPad.

Interestingly enough, according to NPD subsidiary DisplaySearch, monthly demand for 9.7 inch screens, such as the ones used on the full-sized Apple iPads, have dropped since the holiday to 1.3 million units from 7.4 million units. Meanwhile, demand in the 7-to-7.9-inch screen sector, which includes the iPad mini, rose from 12 million to 14 million monthly. Demand for the 10.1 inch glass used on some Android tablets rose by a small amount last month. All of this fits in with the earlier report that LG Display has seen a sharp drop in its production of full-sized 9.7 inch Apple iPad screens while demand rose slightly for the 7.9 inch panel used by the smaller Apple iPad mini. The drop has nothing to do with poor overall sales of Apple's tablet, but shows the repositioning of demand to the smaller screened model.

According to DisplaySearch, total tablet panel sales will hit 254 million in 2013, up from 160 million in 2012. Of that total, screens between 5 and 8.9 inches should make up 60% of demand. And with Apple continuing to offer the iPad mini at a premium price of $329, the report says that we could see Android manufacturers start to raise prices from the current level of around $200-$250 toward the iPad mini's $329.

source: DisplaySearch via electronista

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