Mozilla Fennec RC1 browser now available for Maemo

Mozilla Fennec RC1 browser now available for Maemo
Already considered as one of the most successful web browsers available for desktop computers, Mozilla is attempting to make a name for itself with Firefox Release Candidate 1 for Maemo. If you’re an owner of either the Nokia N900 or N810, you can experience a new level of web browsing with Mozilla Firefox; also known as Fennec. There are tons of exciting new features that separate this browser over the competition – the Awesome Bar, Password Manager, tabbed browsing, location-aware browsing, one-touch bookmarking, and desktop syncing are all offered. Facing some stiff competition already, Fennec really needs propel itself in the spotlight in an already crowded market of web browsers. There are several new improvements that are found in the RC1 version of Firefox for Maemo over the previous beta version – this includes text rendering and N900 specific bug fixes. Check it out and let us know how it works out for you.

source: Mozilla via Unwired View



1. bucky

Posts: 3784; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

seems a little slow right now. the browser already on the n900 is much fasster. great browser just needs some improvements.

4. Mark3

Posts: 12; Member since: Dec 10, 2009

Have you tested the Mozilla Firefox Browser for Maemo 5? It's still in Beta but seems promising. Wich is better in your opinion, the native N900 browser, Fennec or Firefox?

5. bucky

Posts: 3784; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

the standard browser seems much faster but firewfox seems much more capable. im sure they will get all the bugs out with a little time.

2. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

cool bucky. keep us updated when the new patches come out! and I assume you have an n900, so how much do you like that as well!?

3. bucky

Posts: 3784; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

im absolutely loving it. no speed difference from my old 3gs. im begining to understand what it means to truly multitask. all it needs is some support (which through research is coming big time) and it will be a truly great all round phone.

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