Microbial strategy game Amoebattle now out for Android

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Grab Games has ported it's "microscopic-scale" strategy game, Amoebattle, to Android. The game, previously available for iOS and Nintendo's portable DS/DSi, lets you lead a group of amoebas against an infection that threatens their microbiological world. Need we say more? Oh, yes. Amoebattle is drawn in an original pixel-watercolor hybrid style, which could appeal both to old-school gamers and graphic design alumnis. Instead of the hairy slime you know from your schoolbooks, the micro-organisms actually resemble Pokemons. Meanwhile, the game world reminds us of Spongebob's ocean land. Simply put, microbial warfare has never looked this cute or fun.

The game features a variety of "units", categorized by scientific names, diet (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore), primary habitat, and defences.The unit descriptions are a mouthful, too. Here's one for the Alpha Amoeba - "The claws of an Alpha can easily penetrate through the cell membrane of an amoeba, and the serrated edges cause severe damage to internal organelles." Brutal!

All in all, Amoebattle looks like a neat and detailed game that can attract both casual and core gamers. It's opening price of $0.99 to celebrate the launch in the Google Play Store is generous, and you don't need a microscope to prove it. If iOS is your platform of choice, you can also procure the game from the App Store at the same celebratory price.

Download: Android| iOS

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