Listen to Siri describe every emoji available on iOS

The folks over at Motor1 have stumbled upon something spectacular. Turns out, if you are using Apple CarPlay and receive a text message containing emoji, Siri will not only read the text out loud, but also describe the included emoji.

So, after discovering this, the guys decided to do the only logical thing there is to do, and sent themselves a text containing all emoji currently available on iOS. What follows is a half an hour long video of Siri naming each and every one of them – yes, including all 260 national flags – in a deadpan manner that makes the whole thing all the more humorous.

Let's face it, you won't survive until the end – no more than 5 minutes, we bet – but if you somehow do, congratulations! You win one “surprised face with raised eyebrows”, one “thumbs up sign”, and one “smiling pile of poo”.

source: Motor1 (YouTube)


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