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Exercising can be grueling, especially when you're building up a sweat and constantly moving around. Not all headphones can endure the intensity that exercising brings to the table, but the JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds may have what it takes to be the single pair of headphones you use for the occasion going forward. Some headphones just become loose as moisture and sweat builds up, however, these are looking to stay put.

We recently got to quickly check out this latest Bluetooth enabled pair of earbuds from JLab, the same company responsible for the Epic Air Wireless Headphones we checked out now too long ago. This time, however, it's a pair of earbuds that are tethered together with a wire, but it's been designed with fitness users in mind. And that's the thing, fitness users require something that'll keep them focused on the music – without having to constantly pick at their earbuds to keep them in place.

Due to this, it's no surprise that its design features an IP66 rating, making it sweatproof and more than capable of enduring the most intensive of workouts. We especially appreciate the secure fit memory wire that the ear buds rest on, allowing us to manipulate them in order to best wrap them around our ear properly. All of this makes for a snug and tight connection, so you know they won't be going anywhere even if you intend on running outside or on a treadmill. And that's a great thing, since it's annoying to be fiddling around with the fit while you're working out like that!

Secondly, we have to point out the preset custom equalizer sound settings that are actually built into the earbuds themselves. By simultaneously pressing the volume up and down keys at the same time, we're able to cycle through its three distinct sound settings – signature, balanced, and bass boost. Even without enabling any of the equalizer settings, we're satisfied with the punchy and robust tones put out by the JLab Epic Sport Wireless. And lastly, these earbuds will grant you extended time at the gym because its battery life is rated for up to 12 hours on a single charge!

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You can pick up the JLab Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds right now online through JLab's web site for $100, which sounds pretty reasonable if you're looking for a pair that'll handle all of your gym duties.

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