International HTC One has begun getting Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 OTA

HTC has put in motion the promised roll-out of Android 4.3 to its international HTC One units, and what do you know -- it also comes packing the latest Sense 5.5 skin. The latest iteration of the Taiwanese company's in-house effort was, until now, only available on the spanking new HTC One max phablet.

Among the biggest updates that Sense 5.5 brings are some much needed improvement on BlinkFeed, like the option to turn off the social aggregator on and off – a pretty serious omission, considering that you're forced to stare at it, like it or not. HTC definitely got the message, for they have further improved upon their proprietary feature, and it now also interweaves content from new streams, such as Google+ and Instagram, not to mention that you can also save up to 120 articles for later, offline reading. Video Highlights have also been improved and can now be as long as you want them to be, instead of having a pesky limit. Other improvements include an improved Gallery app, an easier, more visual multitasking and a plethora of minor refinements and bug fixes.

If, at the sight of the title, you immediately reached out for your HTC One and were met with no update, then you'll have to sit tight (like us) and wait for it to happen, as pretty much all Android updates are normally distributed in batches that ensure that a unknown cataclysmic bug won't fry your device.

Source: @LlabTooFeR via Pocket-lint

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