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Insurance for the Nexus One is now offered by T-Mobile

Insurance for the Nexus One is now offered by T-Mobile
With the Nexus One only out a week, and costing up to $529 to purchase outright, you may be wondering if there is a way to protect your investment. T-Mobile is now offering Premium Handset Protection for the device, but it requires you to sign-up within 14 days of the phone's purchase date, so those of you who have been using it since day 1 still have about a week. The details of the PFP are pretty straight forward...the insurance cost $4.79/month on your bill, and if the device needs to be replaced, all you have to do is pay the $130 deductible. Of course, if you are paying the $4.79/month for a entire year, that is $57.48, then add the $130 deductible if your phone needs replaced, equals $187.48. By then, the "Nexus Two" may be out, so you are forced with the question if you'd rather just buy the new model.

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source: TmoNews


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