How to test the touchscreen on your Android phone

How to test and troubleshoot the touchscreen on your Android phone
When electronics are involved, no company's products are immune to manufacturing defects – whether they reveal themselves as soon as the gadgets gets into consumer hands or months and years down the way.

With smartphones, touchscreens are generally one of the components of the phone that you seriously want to ensure is working properly – especially with cheaper models where manufacturers usually cut corners – after all, you'll be using it every time you touch your smartphone. 

So, is your device's touchscreen marketed as a 5- or 10-point touch? Do you want to make sure that a all areas on the screen are adequately sensitive? What about pressure sensitivity – do you need to constantly exert force to operate the screen or does it register even the lightest of touches? Whether you're considering a new phone or want to obtain proof that your device's touchscreen is under-performing and is, thus, eligible for under-warranty repairs, the below quick guide will show you how to get the answers to all of the above questions easily.

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