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Here's what happens when you give a Nexus 5 to a photographer

Here's what happens when you give a Nexus 5 to a photographer
One way or another, it's clear that smartphones have already narrowed quite the gap in terms of quality, compared to traditional DSLRs. Sure, sure, it's still a child's play for the latter, but there's no denying that phones are coming dangerously close to transforming the traditional DSLR into a professionals-only product. That's because smartphones can now manage shots that are more than good enough for 99% of the trigger-happy crowd out there. These people are not professionals, and most smartphone snaps taken are done by amateurs or hobbyists at best. But what happens if you put a flagship phone into the hands of a trained professional? Some pretty darn good shots. Duh!

Anyway, Italian blog AndroidWorld has done just that with a Nexus 5. They've given the budget-friendly flagship to a professional photographer for a month, and the results are quite impressive, indeed. Some of the snaps below, taken by photographer Alexander Michelazzi, have been edited, using VSCO Cam or the built-in Android editor. According to the reviewers, the Nexus 5 is the best cameraphone in its class.

You can also check out the video at the bottom, which was wholly shot and edited using a Nexus 5. 

NOTE: The images haves been resized, as they are gigantic otherwise. You can download their respective full versions from the source, with EXIF data and all (you need to register). Direct all your awesome credit to Alexander Michelazzi, Pixel Square, and AndroidWorld.

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