Here's an iPhone charging cable that stores a whopping 128GB of your content

Here's an iPhone charging cable that stores a whopping 128GB of your content
Even though there is a 128GB version of the Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, there are consumers out there who would rather not spend the astronomical amount of money required to purchase one of these phones, even if they need to store large amounts of content. There are other external storage options available to iPhone owners. To that list, we soon could be adding the PhotoFast MemoriesCable.

Like the regular cable that comes with your iPhone, the MemoriesCable can be used to charge your iPhone, or to sync it your computer or other devices. When used with the PhotoFast app, you can store 128GB worth of your photos, movies, tunes and other content. And thanks to the required use of Touch ID with the app, there is a layer of security that will keep unwanted eyes from gazing on your stored content.

The accessory has yet to be announced, but we understand that it will be made available with 64GB and 128GB of storage. Pricing isn't known at present, and that obviously will determine whether the MemoryCable becomes an important tool used by countless iPhone owners.

source: RedmondPie


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